No Child Should Bear the Burden of Gun Violence

The Oulson Family Foundation provides financial support to children impacted by gun violence.

Helping Kids Heal and Grow

The Oulson Family Foundation contributes to children who have been affected by gun violence. We provide funds to help kids get what they need to heal and create a brighter future.

We offer assistance with medical bills, counseling, and education. 




Honoring the Life of Chad Oulson

Gone But Not Forgotten #28

On January 13, 2014, Chad Oulson's life ended in a senseless act of gun violence, leaving behind his wife and young daughter. 

The Oulson Family Foundation honors Chad's life by supporting children who have to suffer through the terrible tragedy of gun violence. 

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About the Oulson Family Foundation

Alexis Oulson lost her father Chad when he was shot and killed in a movie theater. Alexis was just 22 months old. 

Chad's wife and Alexis's mother, Nicole along with Chad's friends and family created the Oulson Family Foundation to help other children who have gone through similar tragedies due to gun violence. We do not take a stand for or against gun ownership. We are against the massive amount of gun violence that we see every day in our community and country at large.

Our goal is to provide financial support to children who have been directly or indirectly effected by gun violence and crimes involving guns. Please help us on our mission.

Support Kids Affected by Gun Violence

Help kids get the resources they need. Donate to support kids who have been affected by gun violence. 

Foundation News & Updates

Oulson Family Foundation Hosts 2nd Happy Hour Event

We would love to thank everyone who showed up for our very second happy hour event!  The event held in in St. Augustine was a very fun and successful day!

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Oulson Family Foundation Hosts 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

The 2nd Annual Oulson Family Foundation Golf Tournament was held on September 25, 2023. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event. The event was not only fun, but it was a GREAT SUCCESS!

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A teenage boy made a mistake while picking up his siblings. He rang the wrong doorbell. The mistake left him with two bullet wounds after the homeowner saw him at the door and shot. The teen will survive his injuries, but what will happen to the man who shot him…

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